Site relaunch

Around three years ago, I started a blog using the FSFE’s member services. Last year in May, I took it down for various reasons. I am happy to announce that large parts of its content are now back online - in a fresh format!

Joined IndieWeb

One of the reasons to shut down my blog was my discontent with Wordpress, the technology used to enable FSFE’s supporters to share their thoughts. I evaluated various alternatives, and, finally, decided to turn the blog into a website using hugo. Apart from using different technology, a major goal for my new online presence was to become more independent by joining the IndieWeb [1] movement.

I support the awesome IndieWeb idea because I think that it is utterly needed these days. This phenomenon we used to know as “the web” was such a great achievement before it was ruined by the so-called walled gardens in the course of the last years. Luckily, each one of us can work towards restoring it to its old glory.

Some content still missing due to outstanding updates

Several articles are meanwhile outdated. Instead of reposting the archived versions of these articles, I decided to create major-updated versions for some of them and to re-post them as new articles (coming soon - stay tuned). This affects the following articles

  • “KVM virtualization with Allwinner A20 on Debian: libre, low-power, low-cost”
  • “KVM-virtualization on ARM using the virt machine type”
  • “Further securing Nexus devices running CopperheadOS by using separate Encryption/Lockscreen passphrases”
  • “Looking for a secure smartphone running only free software? Good luck!”

Ongoing styling

I am still in the progress of fine-tuning the visuals. Some content (like tables) are not rendered nicely yet, but I hope to improve that soon.

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