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HowTo: PINEBOOK Pro with Debian GNU/Linux 10 or Devuan GNU+Linux 3 using mainline kernel and u-boot

I have written this guide to outline how I finally managed to get the official version of Devuan GNU+Linux 3 or Debian GNU/Linux 10 installed on a PINEBOOK Pro. It shows how to achieve this using official mainline u-boot and kernel from upstream (no unofficial patches) and without using third-party repositories. However, it does use self-compiled (unpackaged) versions of u-boot and kernel as tweaking their default build configuration files is currently still required.

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Installing Devuan GNU+Linux or Debian GNU/Linux on ARM64-based SbCs that are not officially supported

If you want to self-host stuff at home using an ARM64-based board running Linux, both Debian GNU/Linux and Devuan GNU+Linux are excellent distribution choices. Unfortunately, they officially support only very few ARM64-based boards. Yet, you can run them unmodified on a lot more boards - if you manage to install them. After discussing some basics and showing how to check the support status for a particular board, this article describes my recommended way for performing the actual installation by a concrete example.

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Building a freedom-friendly wifi pocket-router

Installing and configuring operating systems on single-board computers can be painful when there is no nearby ethernet connection available. A pocket-router that provides wired internet access over an existing wireless network can help here. In this article, I discuss why I decided to build one myself and describe the particular steps conducted. Moreover, I also present measures regarding performance and power consumption.

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