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Looking for a functional and secure smartphone that runs only free software? Be patient!

Motivation On many occasions, I have seen myself and other free software enthusiasts being asked which smartphones and mobile operating systems they can recommend to users who are looking for a free (owner-controlled) and secure smartphone that respects their freedom and privacy. I would like to share some of my thoughts about this complex topic. However, please be warned, that it might be disappointing for those who might expect to get clear recommendations in the conclusion.

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How a single unprivileged app can brick the whole Android system

This article is highly subjective and only states the author’s opinion based on actual observations and “wild” assumptions. Unlike stated in the title, it might apply only to LineageOS and not to the original AOSP. Better explanations and corrections are warmly welcome! Motivation After updating an App from the F-Droid store (OpenCamera), my Android device was completely unusable. In this state, the only feasible option for a typical end-user to recover the device (who does not know how to get to safe mode in order to remove or downgrade the app [5]) would have been to wipe data in recovery, loosing all data.

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